Goals and functions:

Vice-rector for research and educational work (international relations) provides the work of the University, coordinating units in international operations.

Vice-rector for research and educational work (international relations) is responsible for developing all-university policy initiatives and international research, education and cooperation on behalf of the Rector shall cooperate with relevant ministries and departments, diplomatic missions, public associations, foreign educational institutions, research institutions and firms, international organizations and foundations.

Vice-rector for research and educational work (international relations) is responsible for reviewing and implementing proposals for the development of initiatives on international issues between universities and faculties.

Office for International Relations pursues a policy of the University concerning the international cooperation and coordination of international academic exchanges, provides admission of foreign nationals at the University, as well as trips abroad of students and staff of the University, invites to the University international experts takes part in attracting and accepts students, scientists and teachers by coordinating all logistics associated with their training / work and residence in Ukraine.

Office for International Relations is also involved in organizing international conferences and maintains contacts with foreign universities.

Office for International Relations is responsible for growth and coordination of international courses and programs at the University.

Current and key activities of the Office for International Relations:

-          Bilateral and multilateral cooperation / partnerships and exchanges;

-          Membership and cooperation with international associations / institutions in the field of higher education;

-          Contacts with diplomatic representatives of other countries in Ukraine and Ukraine in other countries;

-          Participation in international programs and projects;

-          Attract and welcome foreign students, scientists and teachers in university and ensuring coordination of their work / study and stay in Ukraine;

-          Coordination of business trips of employees of the University;

-          Provision of protocol functions.

Office for Internation Cooperation guided "Положення про відділ міжнародного співробітництва Київського національного університету імені Тараса Шевченка". Detailed...